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Hand Painted Jewelry made especially for your favorite loves, friends, & relatives. Choose your pieces, your card and/or personal message for the back of your piece and get beautiful free gift wrap for all.

*All prices include free shipping in the USA & door to door local delivery for the Louisville area*


#1 Jss

 #4 Ju/d
#5 Rw/w
#6 Rs/s
#7 Ru/d
#8 Rs/s
#10 J
#11 R u/dSOLD




#1 R s/sSOLD
#2 R s/sSOLD
#3 F s/s
#4 N

#5 N s/s
#6 R s/sSOLD
#7 R s/s
#8 PPw/gl
#9 R s/s
#10 R u/dSOLD
#11 R u/d
#12 R s/sSOLD

*All Pins have a purple back and your personal message will be added on the purple back in white paint pen*


Choose a pre phrased card to attach to your pin, or choose your own card message and I will add it to the card, or choose a blank card...the following pin back cards are all free with your purchase, *the hearts pictured below are only to show you where YOUR pin will be placed on the card, the hearts pictured below do not come with the card.*



  PINS look especially cool on coats & jackets!!


 Each Pin is a one of a kind work of Art. What you choose is what you get. You choose the pin design number and card phrase ,and also choose the personal message that I will write on the back of your pin. You MUST write me specific instructions in the white box above the BUY NOW button (What pin Design # , What card Phrase if any, What message on back of pin if any)   $29.99each (includes FREE SHIPPING or Local Louisville Area Delivery)*

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Wild Dream Studio's mission is to create colorful coveted works of art and share the joy experienced in their creation. 


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